WTF Hall of Fame
Welcome to the Hall of Fame for the World Tecmo Federation. Herein will reside the most prestigious players from WTF history.

1994 Inductees
Ottis Anderson - RB
1980-1991 Philadelphia Eagles
   Ottis Anderson may be the best running back to ever play in the World Tecmo Federation. He was a dominant duel threat out of the backfield for the Eagles. He is an 8 time All-Pro, 11 time Pro-Bowler, and 1985 Super Bowl Champion. He is 1st all time in rushing yards, 1st all time in rushing td's, 2nd all time in rb receptions and yards, and 1st all time in receiving and total td's. Anderson owns the no.2 spot for rushing td's in a game with six, and finished his career with a 9.3 ypc.
Andre Tippett - LB
1-1982 Oakland Raiders; 1983-1991 Cincinnati Bengals
   Andre Tippett was a mainstay on the Bengals teams for years. He was an early draft pick and delivered right away. He had double digit sacks his first six seasons and leaves WTF as one of the most celebrated LB's in his day. Tippett was a 4 time All-Pro, 6 time Pro-Bowler, and the 1983 Defensive MVP. When he retired he was 2nd all time in sacks, 2nd all time in tackles, he owns the single game record for sacks with 9, 2 of the top 3 single game tackle records, and shares the single season record for tackles.

1993 Inductees
Kellen Winslow - TE
1980-1981 Denver Broncos; 1982-1990 Houston Oilers
   Kellen Winslow is the 1st Tight End to be nominated for the WTF Hall of Fame. At a position often neglected, Winslow showed the league how he could transform an offense. Winslow is an 8 time All-Pro and 10 time Pro-Bpwler. He dominated the tight end position for 11 seasons. At the time of his retirement he was 1st all time in tight end receiving yards, receptions, and touchdowns. In his first year of action he set the record yards per catch in a season with an astounding 58.0 ypc. He finished his career with 4 seasons over 900 yards, 37 ypc, and 81 touchdowns.
Drew Hill - WR
1980-1983 Cleveland Browns; 1984 Washington Redskins; 1985 Miami Dolphins; 1986-1987 Phoenix Cardinals; 1988-1990 New England Patriots
   Drew Hill was the 1st round pick for the Cleveland Browns franchise in the inaugural WTF draft. After a brief retirement after his first season, Hill came back to dominate the World Tecmo Federation. Hill was a 5 time All-Pro and Pro-Bowler. He had a 6 year stretch where he averaged 1,900 yards and 17 tds including the 1984 season where he set the single season records for yards and receptions with 91 catches for 2,926 yards & 22Tds! He also owns the 3rd most receiving yards in season and 3rd most receptions in a season as well. Age eventually caught up to Drew Hill but he finished his career 2nd all time in receiving yards, 2nd in receptions, and had 144 receiving touchdowns.
Freddie Solomon - WR
1980-1990 Pittsburgh Steelers
   Freddie Solomon was one of the main cogs of the Pittsburgh Steelers run 'n' gun offense that dominated the 80's. Solomon was a model of consistency and dominance as he is a 7 time All-Pro, an 8 time Pro-Bowler, and a 2 time Super Bowl Champ. He dominates all the WTF receiving records. Solomon is 1st all time in receptions, 1st in receiving yards, 1st in receiving touchdowns (2nd all time is 80 touchdowns away from his record), and holds the top 3 receiving touchdown single season records with 32/31/30
Hokie Gajan - RB
1-1985 Minnesota Vikings; 1986-1989 Buffalo Bills; 1990 San Francisco 49ers
   Hokie Gajan was never blessed with incredible speed, but utilized his elusiveness, power, and versatility to become of the best running backs in WTF. Gojan is a 3 time All-Pro and 8 time Pro-Bowler. He is 4th all time in rushing yards, 6th in rb receptions,10th in rushing td's and 7th in total td's. Gajan finished his career with a 8.9 ypc, 15,789 rushing yards, and 144 total touchdowns.
John Elway - QB
1-1982 Los Angeles Rams; 1983-1990 Green Bay Packers
   John Elway was selected with the 1st overall pick in the 1983 draft by the Green Bay Packers. Though his career was cut somewhat short due to injuries, Elway was as accurate and precise as they come. John Elway was the 1983 Offensive Rookie of the Year, 3 time All-Pro and Pro-Bowler. He has the 2nd highest career passer rating of 130, and is 3rd all time in completion percentage. He never had a season under 114 passer rating and finished with 209 td's to only 42 interceptions. He also added 1,500 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground.

1992 Inductees
Mark van Eeghen - RB
1980-1989 Pittsburgh Steelers
    Mark van Eeghen, RB Mark van Eeghen was one of the most dominant rb's in WTF history and was a staple on the Steelers for his entire 10 year career. Van Eeghen was a Pro-Bowler in 9 of those seasons, a 5 time All-Pro, and a 1988 Super Bowl champion. Van Eeghen averaged over 10 yards a carry per season, never had a season below 1,500 rushing yards, was 5th all time in rushing touchdowns, owned the all time career rushing yards record at the time of his retirement, and finished his last 3 seasons with over 2,000 rushing yards in each season. He also holds the best rushing yards per attempt with 14.3 in his final season.

1991 Inductees
Joe Montana - QB
1980-1985 Pittsburgh Steelers; 1986-1988 New Orleans Saints
    Joe Montana, QB Joe Montana was the very 1st pick of the World Tecmo Federation and was one the best players year in and year out. Montana is 3rd all time in yards, 2nd in touchdown passes, 2nd in completions, 9th in career passer rating, a 2 time All Pro, a 7 time Pro Bowler, the 1984 Offensive MVP, and a 1986 Super Bowl champion. He also has the record for most td's thrown in a game (9) as well as most yards thrown for in a single game (458). Montana also holds the top 2 spots for most touchdowns thrown in season (49, 46). Montana finished his career with 312 touchdowns to 80 interceptions with an astounding career passer rating of 123.6
Phil Simms - QB
1980-1981 Denver Broncos; 1982-1988 Houston Oilers
    Phil Simms was the 1st round selection of the Denver Broncos in the inaugural WTF draft- after his first 2 seasons in Denver w/ 2 different coaches (Tonka tecmo & amellowdude) Phil had a rating of 76.25 as he tossed 39tds & 28ints. In 1983 the coaching carousel continued as Gonickmontana & Slimstud was his coach weeks 1-7 then finally Simms was matched up w a coach that complimented his style of play in purplehaze & the duo went on to dominate putting the first 2 and a half seasons behind them! Simms went on to become the 2nd all-time leader in passing yards, 6th all-time in passing touchdowns, and a 3 time Pro Bowler. Simms threw for 24,633 yards with 242 touchdowns to 99 career interceptions, and also has the 3rd most yards thrown in a game (424), 3rd most yards thrown in a season (3,462), and 3rd most ypc in a season (34.9). He finished with a career passer rating of 111.2. congrats to Phil Simms & his coach Purplehaze!
Tony Dorsett - RB
1980 Dallas Cowboys; 1981-1987 Seattle Seahawks
    Tony Dorsett was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980 WTF draft and was a dominant force in the league from day 1. After his rookie season coach DT moved the Franchise To Seattle & that’s where Tony D became a legend in WTF! Dorsett is the 4th all time leading rusher. 2nd in rushing touchdowns, 7th in running back receptions, 4th in running back receiving yards, he was a 5 time All Pro, and a 7 time Pro Bowler. He also has the 2nd most td's in a season with 30 and the 2nd most rushing td's (5) in a game. Dorsett finished his career with 13,930 rushing yards, 2,567 receiving yards and 199 total touchdowns

1990 Inductees
Walter Payton - RB
1980 Houston Oilers; 1981-1985 Dallas Cowboys; 1986-1987 Oakland Raiders Payton was originally drafted in the 1st round of the inaugural WTF draft by the Houston Oilers. He played eight seasons and ranks in the top 10 in career rushing yards with 10,226and has over 100 rushing td's. He is a 3 time All-Pro, 4 time Pro Bowler, and was the 1981 Offensive MVP in which he ran for over 2,600 yards and 28 touchdowns. That is the second and 3rd most in a season respectively. He also rushed for 384 yards in a single game that season, still a wtf record. His career 11.1 ypc is currently the most by any running back in history. Payton's career can be split into two sections as his first four seasons he gained over 8,000 of his yards, while his last 4 season he never eclipsed 700 yards or 6 plus touchdowns
Vince Ferragamo - QB
1980-1984 Kansas City Chiefs; 1985 Minnesota Vikings; 1986-1987 Buffalo Bills
   Vince Ferregamo was a 1st round pick in the inaugural draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a 2 Time Pro Bowler, 1 Time All Pro, 1982 Offensive MVP and 1982 Super Bowl Champ. He is currently 2nd all time in Passer Rating at 126.1 and never had a season with lower than 108. Ferregamo owns the 3rd best passer rating in a season, as well as 2nd best completion percentage in a season. He is top 10 all time in passing yards and td's. His touchdown to interceptions is an astounding 221 to 58.

1989 Inductees
Robert Brazile - LB
1980-1984 Pittsburgh Steelers
    Robert Brazille was a 3rd round pick in the inaugural wtf draft by Swamp's Pittsburgh Steelers. Brazille only played 5 seasons, but reigned over the World Tecmo Federation. Brazille has 273 total tackles, 117 sacks, and 1 interception. Brazille eclipsed the 20 sack mark four consecutive seasons, and owns the records for most sacks in a season (36), most sacks in history (117), and the 3 best sack seasons in history (36, 28, 26). Brazille was a 4 time Pro Bowler, 4 time All Pro, and was the 1982 Defensive MVP.
Chuck Muncie - RB
1980-1984 San Francisco 49ers; 1985 Miami Dolphins
    Chuck Muncie was also drafted in the 2nd round of the inaugural wtf draft by the San Fran 49ers. During his 6 seasons he surpassed 1,000 yards five times, and eclipsed the 2,000 yard mark three consecutive seasons. Muncie was drafted at 50ms, went to 56ms for 2nd season then to 63ms for his 4th season. He was a five time Pro Bowler and 3 time All Pro. He had 10,590 rushing yards and 1,188 receiving yards. Chuck Muncie finished his career with 110 total td's while averaging 8.3 ypc. Muncie’s critics bring up that he left SF after his 2,833 yards rushing season by waiving his no trade clause - he went to Miami and was used as a 63ms decoy only rushing for 470 yards & then retiring. Had Muncie stayed in SF instead of larger paycheck in Miami he most likely wouldve had 2-4 more productive seasons. Muncie still owns the records for most rushing yards & attempts in a season, 2,833/327.
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